The new FoldgerTech FT-5

I am building my first 3D Printer and it is a big’en. The Folger Tech FT-5 has a massive 300 x 300 x 400mm (12 x 12 x 15.75″) build area.

I spent the good part of Jan, 1 unboxing, sorting fasteners, and building the frame.

Everything came well packed and nothing was damaged. The kit is BIG.  I highly recommend inspecting everything and counting all your fasteners before you do anything else. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not,  but I hat a lot of extra nuts and bolts. Just about every type of fastener that had a quantity listing of 20 or over, had a few extra, and I really appreciated that. I’m clumsy, and my garage is a mess. I’ve already lost a few to the floor demons…

The frame is extruded aluminum. 2020 and 2040 T-slot. Pretty standard stuff. It was all cut to size accurately and went together easy.

There’s a lot of laser cut melamine, I imagine it was to keep the printer’s price down, and I’m ok with that.  I do plan to replace as much of it as possible later down the line. The cuts are pretty accurate, but I did come across a few screw holes that were out of square by as much as a millimeter.  Nothing mission critical. I just puttied them up and re-drilled, but I really didn’t need too.

That’s really all I can comment on at this point, as that’s as far as I am in the build.  I plan on doing the Y gantry next, so my next post will be on that.

As of right now, I am definitely pleased with this kit, and feel that it’s well worth the $499 price based on the quality of the parts. We’ll see if that still holds up once it’s built, but I’m confident it will be.

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